A determined group of revolutionaries has chosen to sacrifice everything for the future of their people.

The new short film from stop motion animation legend, Larry Larson. I provided all the compositing work and assisted throughout the production.

Earth Day event for The Greening of Detroit @ the Detroit Market Garden, located near the Eastern Market.

Mantis Creature concept & costume created for Human Eye‘s new music video, directed by Nick Lloyd



This adaptation of A Hunger Artist, written by Franz Kafka, is set in the future instead of the past. Although there’s a decline in appreciation of his craft, the artist experiences his longest fast ever.

A metal scrapper finds something unexpected . . .

Concepts for the ‘Identification Chip’ featured in the film Hummingbird, written & directed by Robin Scovill

A selection of frames created for Tommy Marolda‘s stage production ‘The Great Alpha Dog’ featuring the Olate Dogs, 2012 winners of America’s Got Talent.

Select frames produced for Ludy Hill’s upcoming project

Storyboards / Concept Art for Dan Bayer’s adaptation of ‘Anthem’

The City – Environment Design

Select frames created for Meriwether Productions’ upcoming film


After a fortune in gold travelling by rail is lost in the Missouri river, A treasure seeking diver is hell-bent on salvaging the riches at any cost.

      Chesley Stanwyck is a legend in the field of underwater salvage. But time hasn’t been kind, and his glory days seem far behind. He and his crew have been reduced to surviving off lower paying jobs where and when they can find them. Chesley is a difficult man to work with as he’s deeply set in his ways and values his solitude. No one knows this better than his son William, who has worked alongside his father since childhood. While Chesley’s crew is hauling iron ore from a sunken freighter, they receive a message from the Grand Trunk Railroad informing them that their services are required immediately.

     A month prior, thieves attempted to hijack a rail shipment of gold bars making its way back east from California to Fort Knox in Kentucky. The thieves attempted to dismantle the locomotive with an explosive in order to sack the loot at gunpoint. But their organizational skills were poor and their timing miscalculated. Instead of the remote wooded location they’d planned for, the incendiary device exploded while the train was crossing a massive trestle spanning the Missouri River. All hands were lost as the entire train and much of the bridge itself plummeted into the murky depths below.

     While the thieves are rounded up and tried, the salvage operation is organized under the direction of Chesley and his crew. Bound by limited visibility and primitive diving equipment the salvage operation proves incredibly difficult, even for the experienced Stanwyck. Weeks pass with little progress. After finally discovering one of the armored cargo carriers in the wreckage, Chesley’s son, William attempts to convince his father that dynamiting the wreck is the best way to free the treasure. But Chesley rejects his son’s plan deeming dynamite too risky a method. He orders William below to begin clearing the wreckage with the hyperbaric torch. While William is underwater cutting through the jagged steel, his air hose snags and becomes entangled causing him to suffocate. The loss of his son sends Stanwyck into a guilt-ridden rage.

     With the gold now costing him much more than he’d bargained for, an obsessive, alcohol-fueled Stanwyck pursues blasting the wreck regardless of the dangers involved.

A selection of frames I did for Andre Nickatina‘s ‘Pitoy’

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